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Sessions available in Spanish and Russian.

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We work with Adults, Couples in intimate relationships, & Families in crisis to nurture change and enhance connection. We understand the importance of having a safe, open space to express yourself, repair and discover deeper levels of functioning?

We all deserve respect and access to supportive resources which can serve to enhance our lives and ability to grow. Our inspiration and mission is to provide a safe place of "acceptance with access."
All it takes is one positive change to impact all aspects of your life. I believe you are capable of that change.

Don't let fear, shame or previous experiences in therapy hold you back. Connect with SCT now, we are here to listen. -Miles

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1-Our Relational Conflict Resolution & Marriage and Family Therapy practice is specialized in working with individual Adults, Couples in intimate relationships, & Families in crisis to nurture change and enhance connection.

2-Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows you to get in touch with your core issues more rapidly than conventional talk therapy.

3-Culinary therapy at Sunrise encompasses cooking and cooking-related activities with a professional Chef, or Cooking Coach and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed mental health counselor or equivalent mental health specialist. Their role is to assist in meal preparation, and to facilitate communication & intervention(s) around family goals or areas of need.

Ultimately, our objective is to be of service to others in ways that serve to enhance their lives and relationships.

If you are looking for information on Child & Family therapy services please visit: www.sunrisefamilytherapy.com or use the link below to register and get started.

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