For access to affordable Child, Family and Adult therapy please visit

Initial Intake Session is Required for all new clients.


Payment is due at the beginning of session unless we agree otherwise. We accept payments by Cash, Pay-pal, Debit or Credit Cards. Checks are welcome from existing clients with a valid credit card on file.

Payment fees for extended sessions, group training, or other professional services will be agreed to when they are requested or indicated by treatment planning.

NOTE- Parent(s) are required to complete registration on behalf of all children under 13 years old. All clients seeking service must be registeredNo exceptions.

Initial Intake Session is Required for all new clients.

Double (90 mins) & (75 mins) Intensive Sessions are a great way to maximize your resources and address urgent needs. 

Please contact us to schedule a session even if you do not have a valid credit card. We are very responsive to the needs of our clients. If you are committed, we can find an a way to make it work. 

Remember: If you need our sliding scale or don't have a credit card or need assistance. We cant accommodate all request but we try. We are here to listen and help.

We require new clients to contact us directly or enter a valid credit within 24 hours of scheduling a session or it will be cancelled. If you need to discuss options, please let us know.

This process can be expensive, the work difficult however, I can really help. Together, we can get this part right!! Message me with any questions.


Family-Initial Intake 75 mins $250 | Follow-up 50 mins $175 *up to 3 members

Couples-Initial Intake 75 mins $225 | Follow-up 50 mins $150

Individual-Initial Intake 75 mins $200 | Follow-up 50 mins $125

Individual Double Sessions 90 min $275

Couples Double Sessions 90 min $325

Family Double Sessions 90 min $350 *up to 3 members

Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy- Session $125 65 min session

Individual-75 min INTENSIVE Session $195

Couples-75 min INTENSIVE Session $225

Phone/Video Sessions 25 mins $65

ReiKi session $125 120 min session

Licensed Registered Nurse Consultation $55 50 min consultation

We offer Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. Ask about it. (This is a separate service (therapy) from our Couples, Adult or Family therapy practice.