Welcome to the Sunrise Couples Therapy Secure Client Area

Thank you for considering our practice. We offer Discernment and Reunification Therapy. We work with Individuals, Couples in intimate relationships, & Families in crisis to nurture change and enhance connection. We understand the importance of having a safe, open space to express yourself, repair and discover deeper levels of functioning.

We offer Conflict Mediation services to landlord/tenants, employee/management or for divorce and child custody issues that often resolve in less toxic; more equitable outcomes.

You are only a couple of easy steps away from getting the support you and your family deserve.

Because of COVID-19, and the recent directives mandated by our government officials we all must make adjustments in our daily lives. Our practice is adjusting by utilizing technology more for both administrative and clinically.

We are shifting to having all appointments be self-scheduled through our secure client portal. Your access to the portal allows you to complete all the required paperwork, manage your sessions, billing and allow us to communicate securely in a HIPAA compliant manner. So you are in the right place. Feel free to call or email us directly for registration assistance if needed.

Although we are currently accepting both Telehealth and in office appointments. It is our recommendation that clients utilize our TeleHealth services for video, chat or phone sessions. If you are new to it or skeptical you can always give it a try and if it fits; great. If not we will make arrangements for in office sessions.

Our main priority is to ensure you are still able to receive our services and not lose momentum in the positive strides you have made in your relationship and/or your mental health. If you prefer to stay in your home to exercise social distancing, we will complete your session via a video call or telephone call.

Use the "Register" button to continue the registration process. Simply complete the required forms, then select the service that fits your specific needs. Together lets explore the many ways we can support you, and your desired outcomes.

We all deserve respect and access to supportive resources which can serve to enhance our lives and ability to grow. Our inspiration and mission is to provide a safe place of "acceptance with access."
All it takes is one positive change to impact all aspects of your life. I believe you are capable of that change.

Don't let fear, shame or previous experiences in therapy hold you back. Connect with SCT now, we are here to listen. Ultimately, our objective is to be of service to others in ways that serve to enhance their lives and relationships. -Miles

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